Beginning November 27th, the Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Joseph’s in Oriskany Falls has moved from 6pm to 5:30pm every Saturday. We no longer need to solicit pre-registrations in order to facilitate our weekend Mass schedule in Eastern Pastoral Care Area 4! This means that anyone can now attend Mass anywhere at any time in our PCA. See you Sunday!

The Team

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Team

St. Mary’s/St. Joan’s Roman Catholic Churches & Colgate Newman Community


  • Parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Joan’s and the Colgate Newman Community with an interest and expertise in sexual abuse prevention:
    • Bud Ballinger — 315.380.7865;
    • Michael Bischoff — 315.684.9628;
    • Ray Douglas — 315.824.8382.
    • Jen Meyers — 315-824-1828; Cell 315-214-1408;
    • Mark Shiner — 315.750.8685;
    • Rebecca Shiner — 315.750.8687;
    • Margaret Wehrer — 315.351.9981;
    • Maura Tumulty — 315.750.9537; 


  • Share helpful resources about sexual abuse prevention.
  • Collaborate with us to sponsor trainings, educational resources, or speakers.
  • Contact a team member to discuss your ideas.
  • Join our team.