We no longer need to solicit pre-registrations in order to facilitate our weekend Mass schedule in Eastern Pastoral Care Area 4! This means that anyone can now attend Mass anywhere at any time in our PCA. See you Sunday!

Faith Formation


Mission Statement:  To provide a basic knowledge of the Catholic Faith to our families; to provide an environment where families may come to a greater understanding of Jesus Christ and their Church; to help form young people who are aware of the dignity and responsibility of being Catholic.

  • St. Mary’s Catechetical Leader: Peggy Rhyde 315.824.2164 overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8. 
  • St. Joan’s Catechetical Leader: Jessica Tomcho Jtomcho@syrdio.org overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8.
  • St. Joseph’s Catechetical Leader: Shannon Jones sjones@syrdio.org overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8.
  • St. Bernard’s Catechetical Leader: Judith Kemp-Barnes jkempbarnes@syrdio.org overseeing catechesis for St. Bernard’s students in grades Pre-K – 8 

Meeting Times

  • Due to COVID-19, meeting times may vary and are currently online. Please contact the appropriate Catechetical Leader for your child’s grade and location.


Please complete the online form to register your child/ren for EPCA4 Faith Formation

Registration - Faith Formation

  • *Please mail or deliver a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate if he/she was not baptized at St. Joan of Arc Mission
  • Child's Address

    Per diocesan Safe Environment guidelines, parents must give written permission for their child to participate in online catechetical sessions. At no time is one-on-one interaction permitted. The teleconferencing link(s) will be emailed to the parent and student emails that we have on record. I understand that a subsequent email will be forwarded, providing the dates and times of the sessions. I give my permission for my child to participate with on-line Catechesis with all parishes of the Eastern Pastoral Care Area 4.
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