The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord – This Feast Day takes place on Thursday, May 26th and it is a Holy Day of Obligation. This is also a diocesan holiday and, therefore, our parish offices will be closed. Our Holy Day PCA Mass times are as follows: 8am Mass at St. Mary’s in Hamilton and 5:30pm Mass at St. Bernard’s in Waterville. The 5:30pm Mass at St. Bernard’s will be live-streamed on our Facebook page @Route20Catholic.

Faith Formation


Mission Statement:  To provide a basic knowledge of the Catholic Faith to our families; to provide an environment where families may come to a greater understanding of Jesus Christ and their Church; to help form young people who are aware of the dignity and responsibility of being Catholic.

  • St. Mary’s Catechetical Leader: Peggy Rhyde 315.824.2164 overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8. 
  • St. Joan’s Catechetical Leader: Jessica Tomcho overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8.
  • St. Joseph’s Catechetical Leader: Shannon Jones overseeing catechesis for students in grades Pre-K – 8.
  • St. Bernard’s Catechetical Leader: Judith Kemp-Barnes overseeing catechesis for St. Bernard’s students in grades Pre-K – 8 

Meeting Times


  • SUNDAY, APRIL 3 (Last meeting until the program resumes in Sept.)
    PCA Family Catechesis w/Father
    12:15 – 12:45pm
    Parish Family Catechesis (ALL)
    12:45 – 1:15pm

*Masks are no longer required.


Please complete the online form to register your child/ren for EPCA4 Faith Formation

Registration - Faith Formation

  • *Please mail or deliver a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate if he/she was not baptized at St. Joan of Arc Mission
  • Child's Address

    Per diocesan Safe Environment guidelines, parents must give written permission for their child to participate in online catechetical sessions. At no time is one-on-one interaction permitted. The teleconferencing link(s) will be emailed to the parent and student emails that we have on record. I understand that a subsequent email will be forwarded, providing the dates and times of the sessions. I give my permission for my child to participate with on-line Catechesis with all parishes of the Eastern Pastoral Care Area 4.
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