Hearing Loop Available
At St. Mary’s in Hamilton, experience crystal clear sound directly to your ears. We have a hearing loop for parishioners with hearing aids or cochlear implants as well as Loop

St. Joseph’s Church

Church 229 Main Street
Oriskany Falls, NY 13425

Office 199 Stafford Ave
Waterville, NY 13480

Phone:  315-841-4481

E-mail: stjoesofalls@syrdio.org

Parish Staff:

  • Pastor: Father Jason C. Hage  jhage@syrdio.org
  • PCA Parish Secretary: Bonnie Mae Padula bpadula@syrdiocese.org
  • PCA Facilities Director: Kevin P. Kelley kkelley@syrdio.org
  • PCA Business Administrator & Chief Operating Officer: Therese Gallagher tgallagher@syrdio.org
  • Catechetical Leader:  Shannon M. Jones sjones@syrdio.org
  • Organist:  Cathy Ziemba 
  • Trustees:  Marylyn Nassimos gnmcamel@netzero.net & Corey Eastman coreyeastman@yahoo.com

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