Due to the pandemic with its social distancing & safety protocols, all are encouraged to pre-register for weekend Masses in Eastern Pastoral Care Area 4. Thank you for your cooperation.

St. Joan of Arc Mission

6 Brookside Drive, P.O. Box 1087
Morrisville, NY 13408

Phone:  315-684-9551

E-Mail:  joanofarc@syrdio.org

Parish Office Hours:  7AM to 9AM, Monday through Thursday

Parish Staff:

  • Pastor:  Father Jason C. Hage
  • Deacon:  Paul Lehmann
  • Parish Secretary:  Carol Marshall
  • Coordinator of Faith Formation:  Jessica Tomcho (Jtomcho@syrdio.org)
  • Music Ministers:  Emily Roher, Carol Marshall
  • Trustees:  Dan Koehl, Chuck Malloy